Libra Participações - Imobiliária

Libra Imobiliária

Strategic vision in the service of Right Growth of Grupo Libra

Libra Imobiliária began operations in 2011 with the goal of maximizing shareholder capital invested in real estate assets. Acting on an integrated and complementary operational support to the growth of the territorial units of the Group's business and seeks to create positive externalities to develop projects that contribute to the development of other business units.

Libra Imobiliária seeks good opportunities for property investments in commercial and industrial sectors that are not necessarily close to or linked to other businesses of Grupo Libra. Responsible for managing the properties owned by the Group, Libra Imobiliária assists in his administration, such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, contractual issues and the maintenance of these properties.

The company offers also support the area of ​ ​ mergers and acquisitions, is currently evaluating a property, is the analysis of your destination and / or objective. Since its inception, the Libra Imobiliária has conducted negotiations for the acquisition of properties in the Southeast, and analyzes real estate in the South, Southeast and North.