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Our People

The Libra Group works with the development of high performance teams, identified with our values ​​and committed to the challenges of organization, a healthy work environment and motivating

We want our workers to be proud of the activities they perform, as well as of belonging to Grupo Libra, mostly because of the value this organization creates for society. And we want their work to provide them with personal and professional fulfillment, since our employees are responsible for the results at Grupo Libra.

Performance management

All employees are assessed annually according to a profile of Grupo Libra competencies and they receive face to face feedback on their strengths and points for development. Executives (officers and managers) are evaluated by their managers, peers and subordinates. This evaluation is the basis for a structured process of developing leaders which supports our strategy.

Executive Development

The Executive Development Program is made up of three cornerstones: Education, Development and Training. In the Education cornerstone, MBAs and specialization courses are offered to executives. In Development, coaching is done as a process for guiding executives' personal and professional development, in addition to a timeline of trainings to be given throughout the year. The goal is to guide leaders based on the Libra Culture of Management and train them to develop high-performance teams.

Trainee Program

Begun in 2008, the Grupo Libra Trainee Program invests in training young talents who are able to continue the company's guidelines. Every two years, recent graduates are chosen from various areas and from across Brazil through a selective process of filtering resumes, written exams, group dynamics, interviews and panel interviews. The Trainee Program lasts for 1 year and 3 months, with young graduates already working in their area and taking part in a professional development program.

Internal recruitment

Grupo Libra values its professionals and prioritizes internal recruitment for filling openings in all of its business units. Employees showing an interest in opportunities disclosed internally in any of the units are supported by their manager, who understands the process as a chance for worker development. Retaining qualified professionals with profiles suited to the jobs they hold contributes to valuing people and keeping them motivated. Naturally, Grupo Libra also uses opportunities offered by the labor market, when a renewal is needed in the organizational environment or business.

Libra Time Served Recognition

Every year, we celebrate employees who have been with Grupo Libra for 5, 10, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years. It is a time to recognize the dedication and commitment of employees.

Libra Innovation and Sustainability Award

Once a year, Grupo Libra promotes the Libra Innovation and Sustainability Award. This award is aimed at mobilizing employees and areas to develop new projects and ideas to apply to processes and operations and to foster an internal culture of innovation and sustainability. From 2009 to today, more than 200 employees have been awarded and we have had over 350 registrations of projects and ideas.

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