Who we are

Who we are

Guided by the Right Growth, helping Brazil to prosper

Grupo Libra is a Brazilian conglomerate that has been dedicated to investing in infrastructure and foreign trade for over 65 years, contributing to the country's economic development. The Group is split into two business units: Libra Terminais (port terminal operations in Santos and Rio de Janeiro), Libra Logística (storage, movement, transport and distribution of cargo) and Libra Participações (companies that work in industries such as river transport, olive oil production, non-woven fabrics and real estate businesses, managing and administrating Group properties). All of the units are supported by the corporate areas gathered under Libra Holding.

Grupo Libra has a Vision of Right Growth. That means being passionate about the idea of growing, promoting growth with everyone who has a relationship with us; believing in growth in harmony with the environment, valuing life and people and improving society. This is how Grupo Libra wants to create, innovate and make a difference in every sector in which it works.

All of its businesses are managed using Libra Culture of Management, whose focus is based on excellence in Personnel Management, in Managing Capital and Planning, and in Operational Management. This fosters a culture with high-performance teams and processes in an environment that favors innovation and achievement. Furthermore, its entire operation and its business activities are based on the principles of ethics and sustainability, with great awareness of the environmental impact of its operations, ensuring constructive and fair relationships inside and outside of the organization.

There are over 3 thousand employees, who together work for the Group's prosperity and contribute to the solid growth of the organization, whose gross revenue has risen by over 100% in the last five years.

This is Grupo Libra.